Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to my Life

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring."
Oscar Wilde

Welcome to the story of my life.  Like any story, it is not perfect, not always pretty, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.  Over the past year my life has changed so much and with everything going on, and trying to balance everything, one of my best friends suggested I started blogging to keep track of it all.  So here it is, my online journal.  Also, with so much going on and so many people to keep updated, it is impossible to call everyone all the is your daily (or as close to daily as I can get) updates of everything going on. 

So here goes my first attempt at blogging for me.  I've had blogs for school and am currently running one for one of my Education classes, so I'm hoping that this attempt will be successful!!  Wish me LUCK :)

Where to begin?  Well, let me start by telling you a little bit about me..
My name is Allison.  A summation of me:  a wife, a soon-to-be mother, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a cousin, a student, a friend a worker, a Christian, and so many others....but these are my main focuses now.  Some days I am better at these than other, but in all honesty, who doesn't have those types of days. 
Now on to the details about all of my roles:

Let's start with the WIFE part.  Meet my hubby:
(and to anyone who knows him, you know that he would killllllllll me if he know I put a picture of him in a Wake shirt on here :)...)

This is my best friend, my soulmate, my everything.  He gets me through so much and has stood by my side through everything.  He is in the Navy and has two and a half years left.  During the week we live apart, and he comes home on the weekends!  Right now, life is about to get crazy for us!  We are moving into our own place this weekend and CANNOT wait!  (Well, he might can wait...I'm sure he's already tired of me trying to get everything to match and making him look at 10,000,000 sites a day for this and that!)  Hubby is pretty much my complete opposite!  While I am your typical "girly-girl," he is your typical hunter, country boy.  We do share some similar interests including:  1. our love for each other, 2. our love for sports, 3. love for our families, and several others. 

In September, J and I found out we were having a BABY!!!  Ready or not!  We had typical up and down reactions, worried about everything and how everything was going to come together and work, but after getting over the inital shock, we are beyonddddddd THRILLED!!!!!!  In December, we found out more exciting news...(and of course news that made J jump for joy...) we found out baby was a little, precious baby BOY!!!  Yes, a little mini-J!  Daddy was thrilled and so was Mommy!  In Daddy's words, since baby would be with me full time during the week, a little girl would end up too girly for his liking.  (But he secretly knows our boy will have his preppy side, too!  Ha, sorry babe)
EASTON ALLEN SALLEE is scheduled to make his grand debut on May 15th.  Grandma's birthday!  We are all so excited, and yet so pushed now as the weeks are flying by and we are almost in the third trimester!  Hopefully I will stay sain enough to make sure he has everything he least other people are keeping it together for me. 

The student part of my life...
If being a wife and a Mommy weren't going to be busy enough, I am also a full time student here:

Seriously, in my very biased opinion, this has to be the most beautiful campus. everrrrrrrrrrr.  I mean, seriously, this is only one snapshot of the beauty we have here.  while some might deem us "work forset," it doesn't take away the excitement and joy of attending this wonderful university.  And as you can see in the picture, we don't work alllllllll the time (although, some days it sure does feel like it!) we also have some crazy traditions, some of which include "Rolling the Quad" after big wins. 
I am an elementary education major here, and i LOVEEEEEE it!!  Not only are the people wonderful, but the classes are great, too!  I would actually look forward to going to classes right now, if 1. they weren't at 8:30, four days a week, and 2. it wasn't such a long cold walk in the mornings at 8:30....but eh, it's almost spring, right?!

Something that keeps me going through the toughest times are my WONDERFUL friends and family! 
meet...the parents:

two of the most wonderful people in the entire world!!  I am lucky in the fact that after this weekend, I will go back to living in my hometown, and a mere, 3-4 miles away from their house!  Not that will use it all the time, but being on my own with a newborn might get a little, ummm...crazy at times, and luckily, I know they will be there the second I need it!  I love these two so much and I am so thankful for everything they have everrrrrr done for me!!  (Side notes about them:  Mom also works at the forest, so I see her everyday, and Daddy made me a UVA fan...yes, two more wonderful things to add about them!)

This is my brudder:

I can't find a more recent picture of this will have to do.  besides, now he is about six inches taller than me, so I like this picture even more that it shows for one more time that I am still taller...

but, just so he doesn't kill me, here are some more recent pictures of my "little" brother.  Yes, I am six years older, and he loves to rub in the fact that he is the second tallest (probably soon to be tallest member of the family).  He is the complete athlete and is very good!  I must say, he makes his big sister proud!  I've already told him that he and Grandpa are going to have to teach Easton how to play basketball, and they can coach him if they want to as well ;)

Some more family:

needless to say, it would be a complete understand for me to say that I've been blessed by family!  They have blessed my life in ways that I CANNOT describe!

and family is not the only people who have enriched my life.  I have been blessed with some wonderful friends as well!! 

yes, these are just a few of the people who make my life wonderful and bless it to the fullest!  I'm sure more introductions will be made throughout various posts, but here is a good start!  welcome to the story of my crazy, sweet, life!  Enjoy the RIDE :)

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