Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunny Days...

FINALLY...I think we have broken out of our snow spell...maybe (I will probably blog about this, and next week, they will be calling for snow, yet again)
not saying that this is wonderful...but after you have had snow so much already, it's time for a change.  this is our second winter of actually having legit snows.  (but I can't complain.  it is wonderful when you get your classes delayed or canceled.  so if it wants to keep doing that, i'm 10000000% ok with it! 
but right now, i would much rather have weather like this and be here in shorts and tank tops:

and i must say...thinking about places like this with the summer weather makes me so excited about Easton coming and getting to take him to the beach.  His arrival isn't for 14 more weeks, and already, i may or may not have him a beach trip planned.  (gotta start them young, right?!)

i also figure, he will look adorable in these sweet little swimming trunks!  (sorry, honey, yes, they're on a little bit of the preppy side, but they're oh so cute!)

yes, you can tell it's thursday.  as the weeks come to an end, i tend of get more interested in looking at stuff for E rather than doing work.  what can i say...i'm soooooooooo excited about my baby boy!

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