Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today, I am linking up for and What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1. I am LOVING that today is Wednesday, which means only one more day of classes for the week...yay weekend!

2. I am LOVING  that I get to spend tomorrow and Friday with my bff's daughter, K!  I love getting in some baby time before sweet Easton gets here!

3. I am LOVING that Easton will be here in about 13 weeks!!!  94 days to be exact :)

4. I am LOVING that I got to spend this morning with my wonderful fourth grade class!!  I always look forward to Wednesday mornings

5. I am LOVING that my hubby and I will celebrate 9 months of marriage in just a few short days!

6. I am LOVING that my sweet momma made me some chili and brought it to me for lunch today!  Isn't she amazing!!?

7. I am LOVING that Wake Forest is getting some positive press in sports for once.  If you haven't read this, please do!  It is worth your time :)


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  1. Allison,
    You have no idea who I am, well, for that matter I have no idea who you are either. Ha!

    I saw your link for WILW. I saw you didn't have any followers so I thought Why not be the first! Your blog caught my eye because my husband will be going into the Navy. you can follow me if you wish I'm at Oh, I'm a teacher too!